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Cyanobacteria blooms pose a serious health threat to humans and animals and are increasingly globally due to pollution and warming climates. Eutrophication has devastating impacts on natural ecosystems and increases the cost of water treatment. Monitoring remote and large water bodies is logistically challenging, time consuming and expensive. Responding in a meaningful time-frame to events which pose a risk to human health is almost impossible given the slow turn around time of samples analysed in laboratories, and limited monitoring resources. The problem is gone before you know about it. Given the large area of some lakes and seas it’s also easy to miss problem blooms that pose a serious threat. CyanoLakes RealTime is an online monitoring and mapping service based on satellite remote sensing designed by leading specialist scientists for water and health authorities, water utilities and aquaculture operators. It significantly improves your organizations ability to monitor, respond to, and manage problem cyanobacteria, algal blooms and water weeds in both fresh and salt waters.
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